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Klerken V&F Quality Management Consultancy has build a wide experience regarding the necessary Certificates and Standards for the Western European Markets, and the relating Quality Assurance Systems for producers as well as Retail Suppliers, needed to comply with the demands of the modern Retailers and their customers:

IFS - BRC - HACCP - GLOBALGAP - QS - ISO9001:2015 - ISO22000

Setting up Quality Systems to comply with the mentioned standards, is what we do most of all:

Establishing your own Quality System, fully integrated, all combinations possible

All documents are put together in one clear Quality Manual. All required documentation to comply with certification standards can be fully integrated into one manual.

Maintenance of your existing Quality System

Carrying out internal audits, Management Review, HACCP evaluations, Support at external audits by Certification Body or Client, Training of Staff and Employees.

Because of our experience with producers, trading companies ánd retailers, daily working methods, customer demands and involved risk management for the different parts in the international production chain from producer to consumer, are well known to us. Therefore we might also be of service to you with help to questions regarding your specific situation.

Specific Chain Consultancy

Connecting and communicating information from grower to retailer (crop protection and fertilizer applications, controlling pesticide residue risks, traceability) and from retailer to grower or trading company (customer demands, packing materials, controlling pesticide residue risks, traceability), support for Client Auditing.

Classes, Workshops, Presentations

Training Staff and Employees, Workshops and Presentations in the Netherlands and Other Countries that export to Western European Markets (customer demands European Retailers, Implementation, meaning and consequences of Quality Assurance Standards – IFS, BRC, HACCP, GLOBALGAP, Cases drawn from practical experiences).

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