Klerken V&F Quality Management Consultancy

Klerken V&F Quality Management Consultancy is a Dutch enterprise, specialized in consultancy in the Quality Assurance Area for Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

The strength of our product, that might be interesting to you, lies in our practical and targeted approach: Totally aimed at your questions, your position in the market and the spirit of your enterprise. Customer focused and tailor made!

Leaning on a rich experience in Quality Assurance for Fresh Vegetables and Fruits, we supported, consulted and accompanied many individual growers, growers associations and trading companies in their goals towards certification and maintenance of established Quality Systems and Certificates; This we do in the Netherlands, Belgium and far abroad.

Klerken V&F Quality Management Consultancy can offer you: Trading Companies in Fresh V&F, Growers, Growers Associations, Other Consultancy Agencies, Training Institutes, Universities and Inspection Companies, all the help you need with IFS, BRC, HACCP, ISO9001: 2015, ISO22000, GLOBALGAP, QS, Carrying out Internal Audits, Personal Hygiene Training for Staff and Employees, Planning and Coordinating Management Review, HACCP Team Meetings and Evaluations, etc.

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